Electrospraying of alginate microspheres, Buckley Lab, Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Research Group, Trinity Centre for Bioengineering, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Spraybase® is the world’s first integrated instrument that enables electrospinning and electrospraying technologies for life science applications. Compatible with a diverse range of polymers, chemicals and biologics, Spraybase® accelerates science. The Spraybase® instrument offers a complete solution to users investigating electrospraying and electrospinning applications.  Designed with your ease of use, safety, flexibility and scalability in mind the Spraybase® instrument fits in your lab and is useable by all researchers with varying levels of experience in science and engineering. Compatible with many different electrospray and electrospinning applications, the Spraybase® instrument can be used to form colloids and fibers of varying shape and size depending on your specification or application. The Spraybase® instrument offers a complete solution to you for investigating electrospraying and electrospinning applications.


Electrospraying and Electrospinning are used to enable research and product development in:

-Regenerative Medicine

-Tissue Engineering


-Particle Generation

Bio-Materials and Life Sciences laboratories around the world are turning to Spraybase® to enable and accelerate their research. Spraybase® is at the forefront of the development of new drugs, therapies and diagnostic approaches to cancer and other diseases.

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