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The Spraybase® Starter Kit is Unsurpassed in Electrospraying for:

  • Ease of Use
  • Safety
  • Reproducibility
  • Quality

Spraybase® Electrospray Starter Kit

The Spraybase® electrospray starter kit contains all the components needed to make and visualise a repeatable Taylor coned electrospray. This kit contains: Spraybase® Platform on anti-vibration mounts; Spraybase® 20kV Controller; optimised optics and illumination for visualisation of spray characteristics;  Spraybase® Emitters;  X,Y,Z emitter positioner; product manual and quick start guide.

Spraybase® Controller

Our combined fluid and high voltage instrument is a simple, robust and elegant solution to creating and maintaining high quality electrosprays. Very low pulseless flow rates are possible with dead volumes almost fully eliminated. Clear, easy to read displays and controls complete the controller. Standard voltage range 0-20kV with advanced safety features. Current Monitor. Flow Rates in the µL/min range dependent on fluid.

Spraybase® Platform

This revolutionary platform takes the guesswork out of your system. Anti-vibration mounts coupled with a heavy base ensure a stable basis for visualisation and measurement. Careful material choices ensure safe and effective management of electrical charge around the platform. 

Spraybase® Emitters

For demanding applications, effortlessly create textbook sprays with proprietary emitters. Emitters are treated for hydrophobicity and designed for zero dead volume and laminar flow. Cost effective options for educational use include selected narrow gauge needles and luer adapters.

Flexible, Adaptable, Scalable

The Spraybase® system is designed with flexibility in mind. A wide range of accessories and consumables are available to facilitate your work.

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