Homemade Electrospinning Horror Story


SUBMITTED BY: Hülya Çakmak, Ege University

When I first started to electrospinning of food grade solutions, my electrospinning equipment -which I had implemented on my own- did not have a proper grounding. I was just using the grounding of our schools general electricity which is not enough for higher voltages according to my later experiences. When I went up to 10 kV, the voltage probe made some sizzling sounds. And probe was moving towards my arm like a snake trying to bite me because of the excessive charge over ungrounded probe. I was brave enough to increase the charge above 15 kV, however the equipment did not ready to give me a leg. A triple big electric arcs showed up in the dark, however I was kind of in a shock in every meaning that I did not move from my place. Luckily the syringe pump fuse has blown, and everything shut down. Spooky, highly charged but very precious experience with electrospinning had started on that day...