Spraybase® Components

See below a collection of our most popular Spraybase® Kit components and a brief description.

Spraybase® 20kV Power Supply Controller


 A standard controller has a voltage range 0-20kV with advanced safety features. Advanced options include up to + or - 30kV, dual or tri flow control channels to electrospin multiple fibers.


Climatic Control Chamber


The Climatic Controller is designed to provide an environment where temperature and relative humidity values are static over an extended period. Min/Max Temp. 18°C/52°C. Max Rel. Humidity @ 20°C 65%. Min. Rel Humidity @ 50°C  25%.


Spraybase® Imaging System


The visualization system includes a laser for illuminating the Taylor cone and spray plume and a camera for visualization. The free software can be downloaded on your computer to visualize the emitter tip.

HV Emitter Holder   A-0065-0001-01

HV Emitter Holder


The z axis is manually controlled to exploit the emitter to collector distance. The range available is up to 22cm.

Spraybase® Syringe Pump


Software controlled to allow the user to control the flow rate. An infusion rate of 0.75 ul/hr to a maximum 2100 ml/hr can be controlled. Maximum syringe size is 60 cc


Spraybase® Safety Cover


Spraybase® Safety cover with high voltage interlock. If the door is opened the interlock will disengage and prevent high voltage flow. This safety feature is vital when the system is used in undergraduate labs.




The XY stage is an advanced option, the collector plate can move automatically in the X-Y plane under software control. This facilitates the collection of films or deposition of material to specific locations.

Tubing   A-0049-0001-01 (50,51,53,54)


A-0049-0001-01 (50,51,53,54)

Our tubing comes in a range of sizes from 0.127um – 1 mm diameter for high or low viscous solutions. This tubing reduces dead volume and loss of precious solutions. It is made from PTFE a highly chemically resistant material for your highly volatile chemicals. 

Spraybase® 20 kV, 1 bar Power Supply Controller


Fluid and HV combination instrument. Low pulseless flow rates achieved with dead volumes almost fully eliminated. Voltage range 0-20kV. Flow Rates in the µL/min range (fluid dependent).


Spraybase® Electrospinning Platform


Anti-vibration mounts coupled with a heavy base ensure a stable basis for visualisation and measurement. Careful material choices ensure safe and effective management of electrical charge around the platform. 




This is necessary for the pressure over fluid system which  is ideal for driving low viscous solutions. This overcomes the pulsatile effect of the syringe pump leading to a higher stability of the Taylor cone and monodispersity of the particles. 

Emitters   A-0071-0001-01



Emitters range from 16G to 30G and are treated for hydrophobicity and designed for zero dead volume and laminar flow. Cost effective options for educational use include selected narrow gauge needles