Spraybase®  Services

Spraybase® provide a range of customer services to assist with the installation, set up and initial stages of beginning to use your Spraybase® kits.  



Spraybase® kits contain all necessary components for installation. Guidelines and instructions are supplied with the kit and demonstration videos are available on our website. However, if you require assistance we offer on-site installation by a certified engineer. Installation can also include on-site training on how to operate the Spraybase® instrument, if so required by the individual. On-site installation can be arranged by contacting us.


We offer, depending on your requirements, half a day to a full day training by one of our experienced Spraybase® Scientists.We also provide explanatory demonstrations through our 'how to' videos. To discuss your specific training requirements please contact us.


Our Spraybase® team is committed to support your new ideas as well as your ongoing research. We offer assistance throughout product development. In addition, we carry out proof of concept studies and provide sample production. Support is offered at all stages of the process and is adapted to meet individual needs.To receive online direct assistance and support please contact us.

Technology Development

At Spraybase, one of our missions is to contribute in the development of your innovative technology. We have a dedicated team of engineers to assist you and provide you with customized solutions to drive your research forward. In addition, our expert scientists can engage in feasibility studies to validate your novel technology. To find out more about technology development with Spraybase® please contact us.


Spraybase® technical support offers advice and maintenance for all equipment to ensure your system continues to run smoothly and efficiently. With your purchase, we offer continuous care to ensure quality performance. Extended warranty packages are also available. To access maintenance information please contact us.


Spraybase® are able to offer customization on kits to suit your research  needs. Contact us for an assessment of your customization needs. 

Watch Our Spraybase® How To Videos