Spraybase® Ambassadors

What is a Spraybase® Ambassador?

Spraybase® Ambassadors are a group of Spraybase® customers who have a full electrospraying or electrospinning kit in place. They have the capability to give a demonstration of their equipment to  individuals interested in purchasing a kit themselves in their vicinity. 

See below map detailing the different research labs involved.


Spraybase Ambassadors 2019.jpg

Contacting a Spraybase® Ambassador

We currently have representatives in LAT-AM, West Coast USA, East Coast USA, Mid-West USA, South Africa, UK , Central Europe, India and the Middle East, contact us if you wish to view our systems onsite at one of these locations.

Becoming a Spraybase® Ambassador

We are currently recruiting for West Coast USA and Australia, please get in touch if you wish become a representative for our company showcasing your Spraybase® set up. Incentive offered for each demo/referral.

Details* of the Programme are as follows:

  • Visits to each Ambassador are restricted to 2/year.

  • For each visitor to your group/lab, the Spraybase® Ambassador will receive $250 online store credit.

  • If a system is purchased based on their recommendation, the Ambassador will receive a new Spraybase® Expansion pack of their choice (Electrospinning /Electrospraying).

  • As a thank you for signing up, we will send you an emitter of your choice worth $120.

  • Ambassador contact details will not be published, they must be requested from the Spraybase team and only shared when necessary.

*Subject to change