Spraybase® Kits for Electrospinning and Electrospraying

Spraybase® offer advanced systems in the addition to what is shown below. As the system is modular you have the choice to introduce the following options. However if you have a particular research need, Our system is designed for flexibility so Talk to us today to customize your own kit for your specific research requirements.

Why not check out demonstrations of the Spraybase® Kits in use in our How to Video Section.

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Shown below are some of our most popular Spraybase® kits.

Catalog numbers of our various Spraybase electrospinning, electrospraying and combination kits.

spraybase® electrospinning kit

The electrospinning kit includes everything you will need to start electrospinning

spraybase® electrospraying kit

The electrospraying kit is ideal for the generation of particles in the micron, sub-micron and nanoparticle range


spraybase® co-axial kit

Looking to create encapsulated fibers or particles for your encapsulation needs? Then the co-axial kit is ideal for your research.

spraybase® electrospinning and electrospraying kit


Our combination kit is ideal for those who are interested in both electrospinning and electrospraying. 


spraybase® tri-axial kit

Looking to create multi-layer fibers or particles for your encapsulation needs? Then the tri-axial kit is ideal for your needs. 

spraybase® rotating drum kit

The electrospinning rotating drum kit includes everything you will need to electrospin and create aligned or non-woven fibers onto a larger surface.