Publications using Spraybase®

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Heat transfer characteristics of single cone-jet electrosprays

M.J. Gibbons, A.J. Robinson 

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Iron-Doped Apatite Nanoparticles Delivered via Electrospun Fiber Mesh for Maximized Bacterial Killing by Bacteriophage

Jessica M. Andriolo, Gary F. Wyss, John P. Murphy, Marisa L. Pedulla, M. Katie Hailer and Jack L. Skinner

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Surface characteristics influencing bacterial adhesion to polymeric substrates. 

Yue Yuan, Michael P. Hays, Philip R. Hardwidge and Jooyoun Kim.

Nanofiber-Structured TiO2Nanocrystals as a Scattering Layer in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells.

F. Navarro-Pardo, D. Benetti, J. Benavides, H. G. Zhao, S. G. Cloutier, V. M. Castano,  A. Vomiero and F.Rosei. 

Blue luminescence from hydrothermal ZnO nanorods based PVA nanofibers. 

M. Hamzah, R. M. Ndimba, M. Khenfouch and V. V. Srinivasu.


Towards ultrathin Pt films on nanofibres by surface-limited electrodeposition for electrocatalytic applications

Giorgio Ercolano, Filippo Farina, Sara Cavaliere,* Deborah J. Jones and Jacques Roziere


Nickel Based Electrospun Materials with Tuned Morphology and Composition.

Giorgio Ercolano, Filippo Farina, Sara Cavaliere , Deborah J. Jones and Jacques Rozière. 


Platinum/Palladium hollow nanofibers as high-efficiency counter electrodes for enhanced charge transfer.

F. Navarro Pardoa, D. Benettia, H.G. Zhaoa, V.M. Castañob, A. Vomieroc, F. Roseia. 


Analysis of contact area between water and irregular fibrous surface for prediction of wettability. 

Yue Yuan, Seong-O Choi and Jooyoun Kim. 

In-situ synthesis of magnetic iron-oxide nanoparticle-nanofibre composites using electrospinning. 

Luke Burke, Chris J. Mortimera, Daniel J. Curtis, Aled R. Lewis, Rhodri Williams, Karl Hawkins, Thierry G.G. Maffeis, Chris J. Wright.

Analytical Parametric Model Used to Study the Influence of Electrostatic Force on Surface Coverage During Electrospinning of Polymer Fibers. 

Joshua D. Beisel, Jerry Kyeremateng, Lance Purkett, Jessica M. Andriolo and Jack L. Skinner. 

Living Cell Factories- Electrosprayed Microcapsules and Microcarriers for Minimally Invasive Delivery.

Syeda M. Naqvi, Srujana Vedicherla, Jennifer Gansau, Tom McIntyre, Michelle Doherty, and Conor T. Buckley* 

Threading through Macrocycles Enhances the Performance of Carbon Nanotubes as Polymer Fillers. 

Alejandro Lopez-Moreno,  Belen Nieto-Ortega,  Maria Moffa, Alberto de Juan, M. Mar Bernal, Juan P. Fernandez-Bla ́ zquez, Juan J. Vilatela, Dario Pisignano, and Emilio M. Perez

Nanofiber-supported CuS nanoplatelets as high efficiency counter electrodes for quantum dot-based photoelectrochemical hydrogen production.

F. Navarro-Pardo, L. Jin, R. Adhikari, X. Tong, D. Benetti, K. Basu, S. Vanka, H. G. Zhao, Z. T. Mi, S. H. Sun, V. M. Castano, A. Vomiero and F. Rosei.

Passive Mixing Capabilities of Micro- and Nanofibres When Used in Microfluidic Systems.

Lauren Matlock-Colangelo 1, Nicholas W. Colangelo, Christoph Fenzl , Margaret W. Frey and Antje J. Baeumner. 

Electrospun bioactive mats enriched with CA polyphosphate/retinol nanospheres as potential wound dressing.

Werner E.G. Müller, Emad Tolba, Bernhard Dorweiler, Heinz C. Schröder, Bärbel Diehl- Seifert, Xiaohong Wang.


Hollow-layered nanoparticles for therapeutic delivery of peptide prepared using electrospraying. 

Rasekh, Manoochehr, Young, Christopher, Roldo, Marta, Lancien, Frédéric, Le Mével, Jean-Claude, Hafizi, Sassan, Ahmad, Zeeshan, Barbu, Eugen and Gorecki, Darek (2015).