Spraybase® Electrospinning and Electrospraying Kit


Our combination kit is ideal for those of you that are looking to not only electrospin but also electrospray. Similar to our coaxial option this kit includes 2 sources for delivering your chosen fluid. Depending on the viscosity the pressure over fluid system is ideal for low viscous solutions and eliminates the affect that a syringe pump would typically encounter on these types of solutions therefore providing you with an ideal constant flow which will enhance your reproducibilty and enable you to collect mono-dispersed particles.


  • Spraybase® 20 kV, 1 bar Power Supply Controller  has a single voltage output range of 0 V to 20 kV (positive) and up to 1 bar pressure output,  The maximum fluidic capacity of the Electrospraying Pressure Vessel is 250 mL and the pressure output is 0.000 to 1.000 bar.

  • Spraybase® Syringe Pump is software controlled to drive the fluid with an infusion rate of 0.75 µl/hr to a maximum 2100 ml/hr (maximum syringe size is 60 cc).

  • 1 x 30G emitter  & 1 x 18G emitter (Custom Single Emitters)

  • 1 x Tube C & 1 x Tube F

  • Spraybase® Electrospraying Platform (Base, Dish Collector for sample collection, Dish Collector Grounding Block, Z-axis Emitter Positioner, HV emitter Holder) in addition to a Flat Plate Collector for collecting fibers 

  • Safety Cover interlocked for high voltage.

  • Spraybase® Imaging System  is a camera capable of viewing and recording the Taylor cone and Electrospraying Illumination Source to illuminate the plume.

  • Note this product requires a Compressed Air Source & Laptop/PC which are not included.  

  • Spraybase® Syringe Pump includes a software licence - note licences are single use only and not transferable between devices.

    AVAILABLE IN 30kV: A-0077-0001-01

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