Spraybase® Electrospinning and Electrospraying Kit


Our combination kit is ideal for those of you that are looking to not only electrospin but also electrospray. Similar to our co-axial and tri-axial options this kit provides  includes 2 sources for delivering your chosen fluid. Depending on the viscosity the pressure over fluid system is ideal for low viscous solutions and eliminates the affect that a syringe pump would typically encounter on these types of solutions therefore providing you with an ideal constant flow which will enhance your reproducability and enable you to collect mono-dispersed particles.


  • A high voltage power supply with a single voltage output range of 0 V to 20 kV (positive)
  •  2 sources for delivering the fluid 1.) a software controlled syringe pump 2.) pressure over fluid system
  • A Spraybase platform which houses the grounded plate for collecting fibers/particles and this can be interchanged easily with our dish collector
  • A manual z axis position manipulator to control the position of the emitter relative to the target
  •  A camera capable of viewing and recording Taylor cone and spray
  • A safety hood that has an interlock that will cut off the voltage once the door is opened
  • 1 x Tube C (0.5mm) and 1 x Tube F (1.0mm) tubing
  • 1 x 18G and 1 x 30G emitters

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