Spraybase® Electrospraying Starter Kit



  • A 20 kV (positive) high voltage power supply
  • A user controlled pressure over fluid system to drive the fluid to the emitter. The maximum fluidic capacity is 250ml (pressurised vessel) and the pressure output is 0.000 to 1.000 bar.
  • A Spraybase platform which houses the grounded dish for collecting particles in solution
  • Z axis with manual manipulation, which gives you flexibility and control in positioning the emitter relative to the collector
  • A camera  with illumination and visualization software, which enables you to view and record the Taylor cone and plume
  • A 30 Gauge emitter
  • 1 x Tube C (Internal Diamter 0.5mm)
  • A safety hood that has an interlock to cut off the voltage once the door is opened ensuring end the users safety

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