Spraybase® 20kV Electrospinning Rotating Drum Kit


  • Spraybase® 20kV Power Supply Controller has a single voltage output range of 0 V to 20 kV (positive) Multi Turn Control for accurate Voltage Setting and a Large Clear Display

  • Spraybase® Syringe Pump   is software controlled to drive the fluid with an infusion rate of 0.75 µl/hr to a maximum 2100 ml/hr (maximum syringe size is 60 cc)

  • 1 x 18G emitter (Custom Single Emitter)

  • 1 x Tube F

  • Spraybase® Rotating Drum Collector with horizontal moving emitter. The horizontal moving emitter is a programmable linear motion emitter with 300 mm excursion and a linear speed and acceleration of 0-1.0 m/s. Drum size is 300 mm in circumference, 300 mm in width and 96.5 mm in diameter. Maximum rotational speed is 4000 rpm. The range of emitter to collector distance can be changed from 5-30 cm. Spraybase® Rotating Drum Collector Transparent Safety Cover with interlock is also included.

  • Note this product requires a Laptop/PC which is not included.

  • Spraybase® Syringe Pump includes a software licence - note licences are single use only and not transferable between devices.

    AVAILABLE IN 30kV: A-0142-0001-01

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