Spraybase® Rotating Drum Kit


  • A high voltage power supply with a single voltage output up to 20 kV (positive)
  • A software controlled syringe pump to delivery the solution  to the emitter tip (maximum syringe size is 60 cc)
  • 1 x 18G emitter
  •  1 xTube F (Internal Diameter 1.0mm)
  • The rotating drum collector, which is precision engineered and is Dynamically balanced to G6.3 standard. (300 x 300 x 96.5 mm in length, width and diameter, respectively). It has the rotational speed from 0-4000 rpm and is equipped with a translational linear emitter that can be controlled from 0-1 m/s which will enable full coverage of the drum.
  • A Safety cover with high voltage interlock

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