The BASIC by Spraybase®

Now Available for Teaching or as an Entry Level Instrument.

The BASIC+spraybase


This new instrument is a fully integrated bench-top instrument that will enable the production of electrospun fibers or electrosprayed particles for your research or teaching needs.


  • Simple:  Ease and flexibility of use
  • Safety:  High voltage interlock to protect end user
  • Reproduciblity:  Excellent reproducibility due to precision engineering
  • Efficient: Zero Dead Volume


What's included?

  • 20kV Power Source
  • Pressure Driven system including Pressure vessel and Pressure Control
  • Z -axis manual manipulator
  • Flat Plate Collector
  • Tubing
  • Emitter

How it Works?

Plug in your BASIC system, place your solution into the pressure vessel and switch the pressure and high voltage on. Your particles/fibers will deposit onto the grounded collector plate.  Note a source of regulated compressed air is required and can be purchased separately.

Technical Specifications

General Description
Model The BASIC by Spraybase® CAT000148
Description Fully integrated electrospinning and/or electrospraying instrument
Spinning Type Top-Down
Produced In Ireland
High Voltage Power Supply
Voltage Range 0-20 kV
Voltage Resolution 10 V
Voltage Display Digital
Max Current 0.5 mA
Spraybase® Pressure Driven System
Flow Rate Up to 1 bar pressure
Flow Rate Resolution 1 mbar
Flow Rate and Volume Display Digital
Emitter to Collector Distance 250mm
Control Z-axis Manual Manipulator
Min. Required Solution for Single Emitter Feeding 50 μl
L X W X H 500mm x 590mm x 500mm
Technical Requirements
Electrical 110-220 V,50-60 Hz
Air Compressed air, 6 mm inlet

Optional Add- Ons

  • Camera for visulation of Taylor Cone and plume
  • Laser for illumination of the plume



  • Particle Generation
  • Encapsulation
  • Drug Delivery
  • Thin Layer Deposition
  • Cell Encapsulation




  • Tissue Engineering
  • Drug delivery
  • Wound Healing
  • Textiles
  • Solar & Fuel Cells
  • Electronics

Application Note 1:  Creating Fibers

The BASIC at Work

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